Taking A Gender Perspective

Geneva Centre for Security and Justice
Project Type

2D Animation

services provided

Explainer video looking at the benefits of taking gender concerns into account when planning security and military operations


An engaging, narrative driven animation that does not feel like a cartoon, but more like a documentary or news report


Geneva Centre for Security and Justice

This animation had to do a number of things: 1) cover some key facts as infographics; 2) tell a human story that would make the theory more relateable; and 3) appeal to an audience of developing world military officials who would may not respond to anything that felt like a cartoon.

In the end, the solution I came up with drew heavily on photography and the aesthetics of journalism. Although the narrative scenes ultimately had to be imagined, animated sequences, I was able to blend photography into the compositions, and I stuck to a colour palette that was sympathetic to the gritty military reality of the content.

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