Thermapaint Ad

Project Type

3D Animation

Services provided

Script dev, storyboarding, 3D animation, VFX


30 second spot explaining the benefits of the Thermapaint and Mould Cure system

Kingfisher approached me looking to create a 30 second spot showing the benefits of their Thermapaint product. The budget did not allow for a VO, so we worked on the script until we could cover all the key talking points in the visuals and the accompanying subtitles i.e. that traditional spray on solutions are inadequate; that Mould-Cure & Thermapaint provide a lasting solution, backed up by the thermal properties of the formula; and that common issues (odour / cleaning) are eliminated with this system. After the project wrapped. the client called to say they were extremely satisfied with the result and that they were keen to schedule a follow up.

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